XUYI Project process highlights 80t/d

The project covers four functional divisions including warehousing, production, drying and integrated management. The functions are complete and complete to meet production needs.

The drying area also covers the unloading grain shed, the cleaning tower, the drying front warehouse, the drying warehouse, the rice husk warehouse, the drying room and the corresponding supporting facilities.

The drying process operation process is: automobile to tide food (including grain / loose grain) --> sampling inspection --> truck scale measurement --> unloading grain pit --> conveying equipment --> magnetic separation --> cylinder primary cleaning sieve --> spinning sieve --> conveying equipment --> measuring scale --> Conveying equipment --> Bake before the warehouse (or enter the rice workshop or enter the drying warehouse) --> Circulating dryer --> Conveying equipment --> Blocking warehouse (or car delivery) --> Conveying equipment --> Some to the rice workshop or the temporary warehouse .

The drying system uses advanced drying equipment, and the drying method uses low-temperature circulating drying.And the drying process meets various needs.

During the tidal season, the materials can be cleaned, then placed in the drying chamber and then dried in the drying room, and then into the drying warehouse, through the drying warehouse or into the rice workshop.

In the dry grain season, after the material is cleaned, it can directly enter the rice workshop and the warehouse, and it can also enter the warehouse before bake drying. At this time, the function of the warehouse after drying is equivalent to the ordinary storage grain steel silo.

The drying process meets the requirements of different methods for material processing and storage methods.

The rice workshop is designed to have a daily processing capacity of 80 tons of rice, a production line, including cleaning, glutinous rice, rice milling, finished product finishing, packaging, palletizing and other processes.

The workshop process is: drying workshop to grain --> bucket elevator --> scraper conveyor --> raw grain steel silo --> weighing scale --> cylinder primary cleaning sieve --> vibration cleaning sieve --> stone removal machine --> magnetic separator --> rice huller --> Valley separation screen --> thickness classifier --> brown rice bin --> magnetic separator --> three sands, two irons, five machines, rice milling --> white rice grading sieve --> cool rice --> magnetic separator --> polishing machine --> color sorting machine --> color sorting machine --> polishing machine --> White rice grading sieve --> length selection machine --> rice distribution --> packaging --> finished rice

Rice processing technology meets the basic needs of rice processing. At the same time, the rice machine adopts the latest type of rice machine for rice milling, which has a small footprint and can also meet the rice milling needs of different varieties of rice.The packaging uses fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines, saving labor costs.The process also incorporates the emerging germ rice process, combined with the original production line, through the utilization of brown rice warehouse and cold rice warehouse, the production function of germ rice is perfectly realized.