Our company can design and build flour production lines of different scales according to requirements. 500 tons / day flour production line is also one of the more population solutions. The main process is to use 3 steps screening, 3 steps scroueing, 2 steps destoning, 2 steps color sorting, 6 steps aspirating and 4 steps dampening. The 2 steps color sorting and multiple aspirating are used to ensure the quality of wheat. Milling Section is focus on light milling and fine grinding, focusing on the combination of purifing and sieving processing which is suitable for the different wheats in the project. The pre-mixing process uses two types of mixing: Macro-dosing system and micro dosing system. The actual production can be flexibly selected according to market demand. Advanced semi-automatic packer, robotic palletizing system and online product distribution system are selected for packing section. The workshop covers an area of about 1,800 square meters.


Daily Processing Wheat 2x500 Ton Flour Production Line Project, Jiangsu Sanling Flour Hai'an Co., Ltd.