The 600tpd flour production line cleaning process uses one vibrating sieveing, two scourers, two destoners, and one color sorting. With the aspirator, combined sieve and color sorter they make better cleaning performance and ensures the quality of the cleaned wheat. There are 37 rollermills in the milling section, and some systems adopt eight-roller mills, and the milling contact length reaches 16mm / 100kg / 24h. The 1B rollermill is placed on the floor of Exausting to save energy and reduce consumption. The flour treatment processing section is equipped with an advanced flour pre-mixing system. The packing section uses six position anto-packing machine and semi-automatic packing machine, and cooperates with a full-automatic palletizing system, which saves personnel costs and improves efficiency in the finished product warehouse. The intelligent control system realizes the functions of production process control, production data collection and report generation, production monitoring, large-screen display and ERP management system. The workshop covers an area of about 2,000 square meters.


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