The rapeseed from the warehouse first enters the storage warehouse, and then enters the weighing scale for measurement. The cleaned oil sunflower enters the shelling system for kernel shell separation, and the kernel after shelling enters the flaking machine, and the thickness of the flake is about 0.3mm. The flaking machine adopts the hydraulic tight-roller type, which has large output, low power, good quality of flake, and is more conducive to steaming and pressing. After the billet is rolled, the billet enters a vertical steaming and frying pan for steaming and frying. Under the heating condition of steam, a series of physical and chemical changes occur in the flake, so that it reaches the pressing condition of the press, and the moisture content is controlled at 4% 6%, the temperature is about 110C. Large-scale presses are used for pressing, so that the residual oil of the pressed cake reaches about 12%.

sunflower seeds oil→meteringcleaning shell peelinghell kernel separationsflaking→steaming and fryingpressingcake coolingsunflower cakeleaching          

The workshop is equipped with advanced measuring, cleaning, crushing (shucking) rolling, steaming and frying, pressing, puffing technology to meet the needs of subsequent production of meal and oil.

1. All continuous mechanized operations. Set up the equipment linkage system, so that after the failure of the next level of equipment, the former level of equipment automatically stop, effectively prevent the failure damage.

2. Large equipment to set the switch, easy to operate, reduce the failure rate of equipment.

3. It is equipped with electronic measuring scale, which can measure the flow of raw materials and record the reaction production and daily production. The measuring scale has an interface, which can be connected to the printer in the control room, and can also be connected to the PLC control center until the general manager's office.

4. Conditioning: advanced horizontal conditioning device is selected to adjust the raw materials to the best temperature and moisture, providing the best process conditions for the subsequent sections and greatly reducing the power consumption.

5. The large-scale hydraulic flake machine reduces the floor space and material transportation of the workshop and ensures the quality of the flake.

6. The vertical steaming wok is used to steam and fry the raw materials, which is safe and reliable.

7. Filtration: The crude oil is filtered through an oil residue separator, a clear tank, and a horizontal centrifuge to obtain pure crude oil. The pressed cake is sent to the leaching workshop by the scraper for leaching, and the pressed crude oil is sent to the refining workshop for refining or storage.