120,000 tons silo, terminal raw grain receiving and grain storage and logistics project. The main project scope includes a 70,000-ton grain and oil terminal and four 500-ton inland general cargo berths. Weighing, cleaning, lifting, dust removal and supporting equipment in lifting towers. Silo and incoming storage, dust removal and supporting equipment. Silos discharging conveyor, dust removal and supporting equipment. Manufacture and installation of all power systems and equipment. It also provides process equipment, silo ventilation equipment, grain condition detection equipment, silo cable equipment, and training and technical services. This warehousing project is characterized by a huge scale, with a total area of 156,000 square meters and a bungalow warehouse of 6000m2. The grain and oil terminal has complete conditions for loading and unloading Panama-class imported bulk ships. There are many construction workers and frequent transfers. Strong professional, many design fields, high technical requirements. Due to our company's strong engineering installation capabilities, the project was delivered on time.