The storage & handling department has advanced low-temperature dryers and excellent general contracting capabilities for design, construction and installation, which can provide users with a full range of solutions for grain drying and storage.

The Shazhou Central Grain Reserve Project undertaken by our company, the project construction scale is 9 bulk grain warehouse(capacity of 50,000 tons), 10,000 tons of vertical silos, 720 tons / batch drying workshop, 2 × 50t / h grain absorption room. The warehouse has a span of 21m and a grain stacking height of 6m. Three of them have a length of 60 meters and six have a length of 96 meters. 

Ancillary facilities: circulating fumigation system, food condition detection system, mechanical ventilation system, four electronic truck scales of 80 and 30 tons, etc.   

Construction scope:

(1) Mechanical and electrical construction of vertical silos and supporting working towers, which mainly include conveying equipment, cleaning equipment, dust removal equipment, electrical control systems, ventilation systems, fumigation systems, and temperature measurement systems;

(2) 720 ton / batch drying workshop, which mainly contains 24 30 ton / batch dryers, as well as supporting transportation equipment, cleaning equipment, dust removal equipment, electrical control systems, and ventilation systems;

(3) 2 × 50t / h grain suction room, mainly including grain suction machine, conveying equipment, cleaning equipment, dust removal equipment, and electronic control system;   

Engineering Features:

(1) The project has multiple functions and strong professionalism, and requires high management capacity and engineering technology level of the construction unit.

(2) The drying capacity is large, and the dust removal system in the drying workshop is reasonable;

(3) The project technology is advanced and practical;

(4) All non-standard parts are processed by the manufacturer and assembled on site;