The storage & handking department has mature and advanced technologies to provide customers with a complete solution for the storage and transportation needs of bulk grain. 

The bulk grain conveyance system project of the China National Grain and Rizhao Grain and Oil Reserve Depot embodies our company's strong technical and design capabilities as well as its installation and general contracting capabilities. The storage capacity of this project is large, 350,000 tons of shallow round silo, the intakeing capacity reaches 1500t/h, and the dischargeing capacity reaches 800t/h. At the same time, the conveying line is long, and it is very difficult to construct. Under our strict management and project arrangements, we successfully completed the turnkey project.       

Bulk Grain Conveying System Project of China Storage Grain Rizhao Grain and Oil Reserve Logistics Project Features:

Mechanical and electrical installation contracting project of storage & logistics project, large storage capacity, large output of bulk grain in and out, and long conveying line. Scale: 350,000 tons of shallow round silo, 1500t/h intaking capacity, 800t/h discharging capacity. 

Industry characteristics: It belongs to the Central Reserve Grain Shandong Branch, which is engaged in grain collection and storage business, public rail-water combined transportation, a wide business scope, and large transfers and reserves.