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On January 23, 2015, Guangzhou Grain Group held the Guangzhou Grain Reserve Processing Center project rice production line procurement and related service project acceptance meeting in the conference room on the third floor of the Guangzhou Lingnan Suiliang Grain Co., Ltd. comprehensive office building.

The projects included in this acceptance include: 100t/h of rice bulk grain receiving, cleaning, metering equipment and grain detection system, ventilation fumigation system; Husking equipment processing 300 tons of rice per day; daily processing 200 tons of rice milling production line 2 Article; daily processing of 180 tons of rice drying system; and corresponding rice distribution system, roughing system, automatic control system, packaging palletizing system, rice husk grinding system, packaged rice distribution system and other equipment procurement and related installation and commissioning services .

The participating experts viewed the engineering and technical documents and the comparison contract, listened to the construction, design, supervision, general contractor's brief introduction and work summary, through the production line field inspection, questioning the construction party's production personnel's use opinions, formed the acceptance opinion: expert group It is unanimously agreed that the project is qualified and can be delivered to the construction unit for use.