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From November 29th to 30th, the preliminary design review meeting for the new 5000 tons/day feed protein processing and supporting project of COFCO (Dongguan) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd., which was designed by Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., was held in COFCO (Dongguan) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. Successfully held. More than 30 people from the Strategic Department of COFCO Oil Specialization Company and the evaluation experts of the companies under COFCO, the relevant units of the construction unit COFCO (Dongguan) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. and the Wuxi COFCO ET Design Representative attended the review meeting.

The judging panel was presided over by Xu Wei, Assistant General Manager of COFCO Oil Strategy Department, and Wang Zhaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee of COFCO South China, gave a welcome speech. At the judging meeting, Wang Hao, the project leader of the preliminary design stage of Wuxi COFCO Engineering, reported the preliminary design situation. The experts reviewed the general plan of the project, civil engineering and budgetary estimates, production (process/electricity/safety), logistics (process/ The electrical/safety part of the design documents and field visits, through the detailed analysis, theory combined with the actual, put forward valuable comments and suggestions.

The jury fully affirmed the preliminary design work of the design unit, and believed that it fully borrowed and absorbed the experience and lessons of similar projects in the industry and other factories. The design process plan was feasible, the equipment selection met the needs, and the building structure design met the process and production use. Request, investment is reasonable, agree to pass the preliminary design review of the project. At the same time, Fu Zhongshui, general manager of COFCO Huanan District, evaluated the preliminary work of Wuxi COFCO Engineering. He believed that the preliminary design work of Wuxi COFCO Engineering was positive and practical, and maintained good communication with the construction and equipment suppliers, and hoped Wuxi COFCO The engineering department continued to work hard and conscientiously completed the follow-up construction drawing design work.

After the meeting, Wuxi COFCO ET will immediately organize relevant majors, carefully study and sort out expert opinions, further optimize and deepen the design plan, strive for quality and quantity, and complete the construction drawing design work on time.

Zhu Wenyu, chief engineer of Wuxi COFCO ET, led a total of 9 representatives from various professional representatives to participate in the review meeting.