Recently, the Eleventh Five-YearScience and Technology Support Program Brown Rice Container Storage and Loss Technology and Equipment R&D and Demonstrationled by the Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance inspection organized by the State Grain Administration. Using digital image processing technology, the detection method of rough white rate, whitening rate and broken rice was established.This program studied the effect of imperfect grain content on the bulk density, processing and cooking quality of long brown rice and short brown rice. The research and development of low-temperature storage refrigeration and ventilation technology and special equipment for brown storage of room-type warehouses suitable for climatic conditions in the north and south. Developed a multi-specialized packaging unit for brown rice for storage and transportation of brown rice, a special feeding device for filling, dismounting and mobile unloading, a stacking technical equipment for binning in the warehouse, and a storage unit for brown rice based on RFID technology. Many technical equipments such as quality traceability, And carried out the application demonstration of technical equipmentApplying economic theory, three typical brown rice storage and transportation depletion modes suitable for different regions, demand, flow and other conditions in China were created. At the same time, three national standards such as "Brown Rice" and "Rules for the Determination of Storage Quality of Brown Rice" were drafted, and seven patents were applied for or authorized. The expert group believes that the technical achievements of this project have demonstrated and guiding significance for the construction of low-temperature warehouses, packaging mechanization and quality and loss of bagged brown rice, filling the domestic gap and reaching the domestic advanced level.