Recently, the special project “400t/d alkali refining system key technology and equipment research and localizationundertaken by the Wuxi COFCO ET and the transformation of high-efficiency cardamom coolerof the agricultural fund project passed the expert acceptance organized by the State Grain Administration.

400t/d alkali refining system key technology and equipment research and localizationhas developed 400t/d vegetable oil alkali refining anhydrous soaping, combined vacuum desolvation, intelligent control and other key processing technologies. The localization of self-cleaning disc separator, high-efficiency mixer and combined vacuum desolver integrated equipment has been realized. The efficiency of oil refining has been greatly improved, and the gap of domestic intellectual property rights of this technology has been filled.

The project of “transformation of high-efficiency cardamom coolerhas improved the cooling screen, chain drive mechanism and air intake mode to ensure that the temperature of the cake products is controlled below 40 °C. In the case of effectively ensuring the quality of the finished cake and prolonging the storage time, the energy consumption and cost are greatly reduced.