Recently, the project of the 2015 Food Public Welfare Scientific Research Project, the R&D and Demonstration of Energy-saving Intelligent New Equipment for Rive Milling, Flour Milling, Oil, and Oil Savings, which was initiated by the Wuxi Business Department of COFCO Engineering, was reviewed by experts organized by the State Grain Administration. The scientific research declaration, the Wuxi Business Department of COFCO Engineering relies on the “National Engineering Laboratory for Grain Processing Machinery and Equipment” to fully mobilize internal and external resources, and give full play to the unique advantages of scientific research units, universities and equipment enterprises, and unite with other 7 units in the industry. In view of the fact that China's grain and oil equipment is not intelligent and complete, the key equipment must rely on imports, high energy consumption, low efficiency, and little research on key technologies for energy saving and consumption reduction in grain processing, and rice milling and oil production in China. In the process, the key equipment for energy-saving and grain-saving intelligentization was studied.

Through the research and development of this project, a number of major scientific research achievements in the process of rice milling, flour milling and oil production will be produced, which will greatly shorten the gap between domestic grain and oil processing equipment technology and energy saving and energy saving fields, and generate significant economic and social benefits.