Recently, the Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology won four national patents for the innovative research and development results of high-yield low-temperature circulating grain dryer technology.

Among them, "large-scale low-temperature circulating grain drying method, drying equipment and installation method", "large-scale low-temperature circulating grain drying equipment" won the national invention patent, "Large-scale low-temperature circulating grain drying equipment" obtained utility model patent, "Grain Dryer" obtained design patent.

Large-Scale low-temperature circulating grain dryer technologyadopts the design concept of shortening the grain slowing time, prolonging the drying time and setting the elevator to the inside of the dryer body. Utilizing modern technologies such as drying and elevating integration, waste heat secondary utilization, continuous and timely impurity air cleaning, heat loss technology devices and intelligent automatic control, Effectively solve the problems of low efficiency and large body appearance of existing grain dryers in grain drying. The equipment is compact, reasonable, large in output, high in intelligence, convenient in operation and maintenance, and widely applicable to drying of grains such as rice, wheat, soybean, corn, barley, rapeseed and seeds. After the practical application of 8,000 tons of paddy and 10,000 tons of wheat drying, the operation methods and technical indicators have achieved satisfactory results, and the market promotion prospect is broad. This is a major technological achievement obtained since the implementation of the equipment innovation strategy by COFCO ET, and is of great significance for promoting the technicalization of grain processing equipment technology.