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From April 21 to 22, 2017, the “2017 Food Processing Technology Innovation and Development Seminar” hosted by Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Lu'an City, Anhui Province, from the national grain machine enterprises, grain processing enterprises, universities, and scientific research. Nearly one hundred representatives from the design and industry management departments attended the meeting.

Director Yao Dongchun of Anhui Grain Bureau, Secretary General Wu Qizhi of Anhui Food Industry Association, Deputy Director Sun Chengzhu of Liuan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Secretary General Zhao Yongjin attended the meeting. At the opening ceremony, Director Yao Dongchun and Deputy Director Sun Chengzhu delivered speeches respectively. .

Around the theme of this conference, “Smart Grain Machine, Innovation and Development, Synergy and Win-Win”, Professor Chen Zhengxing from Jiangnan University, Professor Wu Wenbin and Professor Chen Zhicheng from Henan University of Technology, Professor Tao Yugui from Anhui University of Engineering, and units from grain machine companies and research institutes. The representatives gave a keynote speech on the technologies and equipments such as grain storage, drying, primary processing, deep processing, comprehensive utilization and circular economy. The directors of Huang Haijun and Chen Wei of Wuxi COFCO Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. respectively made the title The speech “Application of Energy-saving Integrated Low-Crystal System in Grain Storage and Processing” and “Experience Sharing of Large-scale Modern Rice Milling Engineering Construction” expanded the company's industry influence. The participants generally reflected the grounding atmosphere and depth of the meeting. It has built a platform for cross-border, integration and innovation of new technologies, new products, new equipment and new thinking in grain processing, and strengthened the understanding and communication between equipment and engineering service enterprises and customers. In the same period, the second council of the fourth session of the club was held.

The meeting received strong support from the majority of club members, Anhui Food Industry Association, Anhui Yongcheng Electronic Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and other units.