Maize/Corn flour is the main product in the production of whole grains, and it is also a common staple main food source in backward regions such as Africa. 

Maize flour processing is mainly divided into two sections: pre-cleaning and processing.

The pre-cleaning processing flow: grain unloading → lifting → drum pre-cleanning → vibrating sieve → vertical aspirator→ magnet separation → lifting → drawing conveyor → silo

Maize processing technology processing flow: silo → drag conveyor → lifting → vibrating sieve → Aspirator → destoner → lifting → dampener → dampening silo → magnetic separation → peeling → pneumatic conveying → aspirating → milling → sifting → magnetic separation → packaging.

The corn flour processing scheme provided by our company has reasonable process design, low investment, low energy consumption, and small land area. Steel structure workshops can be used. The output can be produced on a single line from 50 to 250 tpd. It is widely recognized by customers and has built many projects overseas, which are well received by the owners.


240tpd maize flour mill project, Monza, Zambia