The project is located in Dasheng Town, Yubei District, Chongqing City. The landform is distributed in the layers of “low mountains, deep hills and shallow hills”. The terrain is high in the northeast and slowly inclined to the southwest.The highest point is the main peak of Baiyan Mountain in the east, with an elevation of 1034.2 meters. The lowest point is Yinjiatun, Longren Village in the lower reaches of the Donghe River. The altitude is 190 meters and the drop is 944.2 meters.

The construction land area of the project is 67601.94m2, and the total construction area is 32645.86m2. Among them, there are 11 bulk warehouses with a total construction area of 21451.73m2. The emergency supply (150 tons of high-quality rice processing plant and quasi-low temperature warehouse) has a construction area of about 3660.7m2,construction area 2223.38m2; 1 quality inspection center, construction area 1999.41m2; 1 food distribution center warehouse, construction area 1812.06m2; the rest are supporting Auxiliary room.The main design contents include civil engineering and process design of single buildings such as storage houses and production workshops within the scope of the project, roads, fire protection, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, etc.