The extracting section is a process of extracting the material through a solvent countercurrent circulation and evaporation to obtain crude oil. The production of the extraction section includes extracting, wet meal evaporation, mixed oil evaporation, solvent gas condensation recovery, and tail gas paraffin absorption.

Process characteristics

1. Continuous operation of all process equipment;

2. Flexible and adjustable, suitable for processing and production of multiple raw materials

3. Adopting negative pressure evaporation process to reduce steam consumption and improve the quality of crude oil;

4. Adopts the drag chain extractor, which is convenient to adjust the material level, low material level extraction has the function of loose and turning material during operation. The residual oil and wet meal content is low, and the operation is more stable

5. Selecting DTDC type steaming machine effectively reduces the power, realizes the integration of solvent removing, drying and cooling which saves space and has good performance;

6. Reasonable condensation system equipment selection, effectively ensure the condensation performance;

7. High-performance mineral oil recovery system, so that the solvents in the exhaust air can be fully recovered.