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On the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of Honghe Prefecture, the representative of the People's Government of Honghe Prefecture, the Mengzi Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Grain and Material Reserve Bureau of Honghe Prefecture, the construction unit implemented leadership, the participating units, and all sectors of the society concerned and supported the Honghe Grain and Oil Group participated in the commencement ceremony of the "Honghe Grain Industrial Park Phase II Logistics Project-Food Security Guarantee Promotion and Emergency Facilities Engineering Project".

As the general contractor of this project, Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. will concentrate the company's top design resources and project management capabilities, set up the best service team, provide the strongest technical support, and serve the project's smooth start and construction. , To escort the early completion of the project.

Based on a 200,000-ton grain reserve in the first phase of the Hongliang Group Industrial Park, this is a second-phase logistics project. This project assumes the key mission of food security assurance regulation.The implementation of this project indicates that Hongliang Group will face the society with brand-new corporate strength, opening a new chapter in the development stage of Hongliang Group. With the expansion of the industrial scale, Hongliang Group will become the leader of grain processing, warehousing and logistics enterprises in the central area of southern Yunnan and the province.

The project is located in Yuguopu Town, a national-level Mengzi Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total land area of 121 acres and a total investment of 88 million yuan.The main contents of planning and construction are: 150 tons / hour raw grain receiving and cleaning line, 20,000 tons of rice storage facilities, 300 tons / day rice processing production line, Finished products low-temperature storage and auxiliary production facilities.

Receiving of raw grain takes consideration of wheat, rice, corn. The new pre-cleaning workshop not only undertakes the receiving and cleaning of raw grain in the processing workshop, but also connects with the warehouse of the first-stage building by an overhead conveying trestle, which greatly improves the logistics, transfer and storage functions of the industrial park.The processing production line adopts the most advanced processing technology according to the local raw grain varieties, optimizing the processing equipment of first-class international and domestic brands to realize the parallel processing of japonica, indica rice, rice noodles raw rice and staple food red rice. The use of low-temperature grain storage facilities and semi-automatic shelves in the finished product warehouse can extend the shelf life of the product and improve the quality of the finished product.