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Recently, our company participated in the bid for the "Procurement and Installation of Equipment for the COFCO Jiangyin Grain Logistics Expansion Storage and Logistics Facilities Project (Expansion of 120,000-ton Vertical Silo Storage Facilities Project)". Our company won the bid with the first place. The winning bid is about 61.28 million yuan. The project includes 120,000 tons of vertical silos, a total of 12 vertical silos with a diameter of 23.6m, supporting grain input and output facilities, transfer towers, equipment conveying trestles, etc.

After the project is completed, it will be connected with the grain reception and storage network, the grain and oil management scale of COFCO in the Yangtze River Delta will be greatly improved. The scale of the grain reception, storage, transfer and sales of the  COFCO group’s grain and oil industry chain will be more matched, and the overall cost will be significantly reduced. Building an economically reasonable river & sea grain logistics system and creating a cost-efficient grain circulation channel is an inevitable choice for the COFCO Group to occupy China's grain market and become a truly international big grain merchant, as well as a strategic choice for the COFCO Group to develop its main grain and oil business.