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On 16th March, Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (for short is Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group) convened the mobilization and deployment meeting of party history learning and education. At the meeting, leading and working institutions of party history learning and education of Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group was established. Zhao Yongjin, secretary of the party committee and general manager, made a mobilization speech at the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that All Party members and cadres of Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group should deeply understand the significance of studying the history of the party, improve the political standing, Temper political ability in learning history, encourage revolutionary character in the spirit of inheritance, stick to the people's feelings in practice, strive to create a new situation, enhance the political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness in the study and education of Party History, integrate our thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee.

The meeting emphasized that we should adhere to high standards and high quality. We should do such a good job in all tasks and in accordance with the requirements of learning party history, understanding thoughts, doing practical things and opening up new situations that we can ensure the implementation of learning. We should insist on the combination of centralized learning and independent learning, and the combination of prescribed actions and self-selected actions. We should carry out distinctive and diversified learning and education by making full use of and tap the party history resources around us and effectively enhance the appeal and effectiveness of learning and education.

After the mobilization and deployment meeting, party committee theory center group (expanded) centralized learning seminar were convened as followed, it discussed the first concentrated study of party history education. The meeting together learned Xi Jinping's important speech and expound at the party history education and mobilization conference. Zhao Yongjin presided over the meeting and gave a speech. In addition, members of the Party committee group make exchanges and speeches respectively in combination with their personal work.

Representatives of the Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting, such as party committee, management team, general manager assistant, functional department manager, Party branch secretary and party member.