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On 29th March, Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. convened the special rectification work of stability related risk investigation and arranged the work about it. Qin Weiguo, secretary of discipline inspection commission, deputy general manager presided over the meeting.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the special rectification and deployment meeting of SASAC, COFCO and COFCOET for investigation of stability related risks. Qin Weiguo interpreted the special rectification work of stability related risk investigation,and Zhao Yongjin which is the general manager carried out the mobilization and deployment.

The meeting required that we should firstly improve our political standing, fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job in the prevention and control of risks related to stability. Secondly, it is necessary to make strict planning and organization, deeply carry out investigation and rectification of stability related risks in the whole system. Thirdly, we should strictly abide by the bottom line of risks and contribute to the good start and high-quality development of the 14th five year plan.

All departments should firmly establish the concept of safe development, effectively prevent all kinds of risk events involving stability, and greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.

Members of the company's leading group, assistant general manager and heads of all departments attended the meeting.