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On 31th March, the party committee of Wuxi COFCO Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. organized all party members to visit the revolutionary exhibition hall of Wuxi Museum to trace the glorious history and review the revolutionary years.

All party members visited the exhibition halls of Wuxi people who shoulder the hope of national rejuvenation and the city memory of blood and fire: a brief history of Wuxi revolution. Through closely reading of the graphic materials and material objects of a series of major revolutionary historical events of the Communist Party of China in Wuxi, they reviewed the contributions made by the older generation of Communists to promote the development of Chinese revolution and the cause of national construction.

This red practice education activity enabled each party member to recall the deeds of the martyrs, remembered the history, bore the mission in mind, and remembered the original intention. All said that in the future work and life, we would inherit and carry forward the party's fine traditions, bear in mind the identity of Party members, carry forward the party's lofty ideals, and promote the high-quality development of Wuxi engineering with constant faith and realistic and pragmatic actions.

More than 70 party members, activists and Youth League members from the four branches participated in this activity.