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The Belarus agro industrial complex project is one of the large-scale key projects in the field of economic and trade cooperation between China and Belarus, and it is also a new milestone in the development of China Belarus economic and trade cooperation. The milling workshop of the project has three production lines with a daily processing capacity of 350 tons of wheat. All raw wheat comes from local grown wheat in Belarus. Flour is produced as starch raw material for processing starch, gluten and other products, and bran is used as raw material for feed plant. The whole pulverizing workshop adopts China's advanced pulverizing technology and processing equipment, and adopts automatic control. Combined with the characteristics of local raw grain and the industrial use of flour, it reduces the cleaning equipment under the condition of meeting the cleaning effect; reduces the configuration of wheat bin and flour bin according to the production cycle; the powder room is configured according to the industrial powder road without using the powder cleaner,  reduces the powder making equipment, reduces the equipment investment and civils engineering investment on the premise of meeting the product requirements.

Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.(short for Wuxi COFCO) has completed the civil engineering and process related design of the Belarus agro industrial complex project, and provided a complete set of process equipment for the pulverizing workshop, of which the main equipment (such as cleaning and pulverizing) were produced by Wuxi COFCO itself, as well as supporting transportation and auxiliary equipment. In the case of serious epidemic situation abroad, our company has completed the equipment installation guidance and commissioning preparation according to the national epidemic prevention requirements and on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention. On July 26, 2021, the pulverizing workshop of the Belarus agro industrial complex project successfully tested with materials for the first time, successfully produced flour, the automatic control system operated normally and all equipment operated stably. The Belarus agro industrial complex project is the largest flour processing project on the way to one belt, one road, which is the  distinctive projects of COFCO ET.

The pulverizing workshop has been the starting point of the whole process chain in the amino acid area of the Belarus agro industrial complex project. The successful commissioning of the workshop with materials provides raw material has guaranteed for the subsequent production of starch workshop and sugar workshop, and also has opened the prelude to the continuous production of various sub items in the amino acid area. The project Department of Belarus agro industrial complex has attached great importance to the trial run, carefully organized and strictly controlled, overcome many difficulties, and finally ensured the successful production of trial products.