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At present, the general contracting project of food security regulation and emergency facilities in Hong He Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture undertaken by Wuxi COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (short for Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group) has entered the final stage.

The project is located in Hong He Grain Industrial Park, Mengzi City, Yunnan Province, with a total land area of 121 mu. It is intended to build production auxiliary facilities such as 150 t / h raw grain receiving and cleaning line, 20000 t rice storage facilities, 300 t/D refined rice processing production line, finished product low-temperature warehouse and auxiliary room, so as to build an international modern grain storage, processing, trading and Logistics comprehensive base in Yunnan for Southeast Asia.

As the general contractor of the project, Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group, with professional engineering design and rich project management experience, has successively overcome the objective conditions such as large land elevation difference, cohesive expansive soil and high groundwater level, provided the best design scheme, promoted the project implementation with high quality and served the project construction and operation. Based on the basic principle of moderate processing and energy saving, Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group has applied advanced technologies such as adaptive multi variety parallel processing technology, energy-saving polishing technology, section by section energy consumption management system, storage online management system and intelligent three-dimensional finished product low-temperature Warehouse developed by Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group to build a high-quality grain and oil benchmark project wholeheartedly, help Hong Liang group become the leader of grain processing, warehousing and logistics enterprises in the urban core area of Southern Yunnan and even the whole province.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhang Jianda, chairman of the Hong He Grain & Oil Group Ltd, presented a holiday condolence to the front-line workers of Wuxi Engineering & Technology Group, and highly recognized the engineering team's ability to complete the project construction and qualitative professional and technical services in the process of overcoming COVID-19 and rainy season.