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On November 27th, the signing ceremony for the Fuzhou Flour Company's Songxia Port Flour Processing Project, which was undertaken by the Wuxi COFCO ET, was held in Fuzhou. General Manager Yao attended the project signing ceremony. The project is located in Songxia Port, Fuzhou, and includes 25,000 tons of silos and 2×400 tons / day of wheat milling workshop.

Zhao Shike, director of the Fuzhou Municipal Grain Bureau, attended the signing ceremony and have a speech. He pointed out that the Songxia Port Flour Processing Project is a key support project in Fuzhou City. It is responsible for ensuring food security in the whole city and driving the development of the grain industry in the surrounding areas. COFCO Engineering is a domestic leader in the grain and oil processing industry, with mature flour processing technology and equipment manufacturing capabilities, hopes that the two sides will cooperate sincerely to make the flour processing project put into production smoothly.

In his speech, General Manager Yao said that COFCO Engineering believes that creating value for customers is its own responsibility. It has a number of patents for flour processing technology with independent intellectual property rights. It has the most advanced grain and oil processing technology and equipment manufacturing capabilities in China. A large number of important flour processing projects were built by ours. COFCO Engineering will set up the most capable team to fully support the construction of the Songxia Flour Processing Project, and build the Songxia Flour Processing Project into a demonstration project and model project for the industry to provide customers with the best cost performance and the best return on investment.