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Flaking machine is mainly used in the soybean pretreatment section of oil processing. It can press soybeans into very thin flakes, which can effectively improve the extraction rate of soybeans. It can also be used for corn flakes in the feed industry and oat and barley flakes in the food industry.
1.Roller control adopts square bearing house, which makes the operation more stable, reliable and lower noise; 2.Unique design, it is convenient to adjust the thickness of the flakes, and has a reliable anti-collision function of the roller;3.It can adopt compound feeding roller and tooth roller to ensure more uniform feeding and variable frequency controllable feeding amount; 4,centrifugal casting high-alloy roll, through-axis assembly process, strong rigidity, the roller body can be filled with heat-conducting oil, work stability is good;
technical parameter

Capacity(t/d) 80~100 120~150 180~200 280~320
Flakes Thickness(mm) 0.25~0.35 0.25~0.35 0.25~0.35 0.25~0.35
Power(kw) 22X2+0.55+2.2 30X2+0.55+2.2 37X2+0.55+2.2 55X2(90)+1.1(0.75)+2.2
Dimension(mm) 1910X1670X1835 2250X2230X2100 2500X2230X2100 2760X2230X2150

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