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It is a special equipment for fully exposing the shell by squeezing and shearing and peeling the cottonseed shell through two pairs of oppositely rotating tooth rolls.
The whole machine adopts single motor drive, square structure bearing house, and it is convenient to adjustment of the roll gap synchronously.Special tooth roll processing, high output, good shelling effect.With anti-collision function on the roller; More functions, stable and reliable performance; User-friendly design, easy operation. Centralized lubrication, convenient maintenance. Full cover with safety warning sign long lasting
technical parameter

Model YBKG35x100 YBKG35x150 YBKG35x190
Capacity(t/d) 150~180 260~300 500—550

Shell Peeling Efficiency

≥99 ≥99 ≥99

Powder Percentage

≤5 ≤5 ≤5
Power(kw) 30+0.55 55+0.75 90+1.1
Dimension(mm) 1994×1378×2208 2494×1378×2208 2894×1378×2208

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