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ZY/ZX Screw Oil Press is the large continuous pre-press equipment. It is suitable for pressing high oil containing materials such as cotton seeds, rape seeds, castor, sunflower seeds, ground nut and corn germ etc. The economic and technical indicators are advanced. The high capacity of single machine can form good cake for solvent extraction. The machine is designed of reasonable mechanism and with good rigidity and stable running. The main gearbox can adopt domestic or foreign professional brand product according to the customer’s requirement.
The drive system is stable and reliable. The pressing worms locking adopts hydraulic device. This can applied dozens of tons pre-tightening force to worms and collars and other parts along axial direction and prevent the meals enter the hollow space between the parts and the pressing shaft along the parts end face, so it is convenient to disassembly the parts such as the worms on the shaft. The press cage opening also adopts hydraulic device. The hydraulic device can greatly reduce the worker’s labor intensity and make the repair and maintenance more convenient.
technical parameter

Prepresser Model ZY24 ZY28 ZY32 ZY34
Capacity(t/d) 60~80 120~150 220~260 280~300
Oil in Cake(%) 12~18 16~20 16~20 16~20
Power(kw) 30+5.5+3 75+11+4 110+11+5.5 200+7.5+3+1.1
Dimension(mm) 2900x1850x3950 3740x1920x3843 4100x2270x3850 6300x1480x3300
Presser Model ZX24 ZX28 ZX32 ZX34
Capacity(t/d) 15~20 40~60 90~100 200~240
Oil in Cake(%) 7~9 7~9 8~10 9~10
Power(kw) 30+5.5+3 55+11+4 90+11+5.5 250+7.5+3+1.1
Dimension(mm) 2900x1850x3950 3740x1920x3843 4100x2270x3850 6300x1495x3353

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