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This is the equipment that makes green cakes after strip plate into meal after wet and cooed for meeting the technical requirement of pressing or extracting.
This equipment can be also used as soften cooker. The oil materials are soften, then this can improve the quality of strip plate, oil output rate and quality of crude oil. It is perfect choose for the pre-press of the vegetable oil factories. The diameter series are as follows: φ1500、φ1800、φ2100、φ2500、φ2800、φ3000、φ4000
technical parameter

Model YZCL210x5 YZCL250x5 YZCL300x5 YZCL300x6 YZCL400x7
Softing Capacity(t/d) 100~150 160~200 250~300 300~350 800~900
Cooking Capacity(t/d) 60~70 80~90 120~140 150~200 350~400
Power(kw) 30 37 55 75 132
Heating Area(m2) 26.2 42 56.8 67 120

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