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BQSF classifier destoner do the material separation according to the specific gravity of the granular material and the air suspension speed. It mainly be used in Grain Processing, Storage industry and for wheat precleaning and wheat grading, remove the stone and mud block.It can be used for other cereal grains cleaning and seed grading, such as grading, decontamination, and stone removal for barley, corn, soybean, rice, brown rice, rye and other foods.It can also be used for the classification of granular materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.
The feature is 1, compact and sturdy structure, exquisite appearance. 2, stroke, throwing angle, screen angle can be adjusted, 3, High classification and stone removal efficiency, high output, 4, low consumption, health, environmental protection. 5, the maintenance is simple, easy to replace the wearing parts. 6, double-layer sieve, with two functions of classification and stone removal.
technical parameter

Model BQSF120 BQSF150 BQSF180
Capacity(t/h) 10-20 13-25 16-30
Air Volume(m3/h) 6300 8000 9800
Power(kw) 2x0.25 2x0.25 2x0.25
Dimension(mm) 1630×1528×1786 1630×1828×1872 1630×2128×1958

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