The rice dryer was developed by our company together with the equipment company, and won the first prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Cereals and Oils Society. Product advantages with fully automatic control system and modular installation. It is the best choice for modern grain and seed storage and processing enterprises.
The air selection device effectively removes impurities such as glutinous rice and straw, improves drying efficiency, reduces ineffective drying, and reduces the failure rate of equipment conveying system caused by blockage of impurities.The equalizer ensures that the grain in the dryer is evenly distributed, and there is no accumulation drop phenomenon, which effectively improves the accuracy of the full-alarm.Exquisite materials, durable, the weight of the whole machine is twice compared with others same size machine, less wearing parts, modular installation.Multi-layer drying section with Z-shaped position, the drying area is greatly increased.
technical parameter

Model CGDL-30 CGDL-40 CGDL-45 CGDL-50 CGDL-55 CGDL-60
Capacity(t/h) 3~3.2 4~4.2 4.5~4.7 5~5.2 5.5~5.7 6~6.2
Power(kw) 25.7 37.2 37.2 44.2 44.2 44.2
Dimension(mm) 11000×3600×13700 11000×3600×15500 11000×3600×16700 11000×3600×17900 11000×3600×19100 11000×3600×20300
Fuel: Coal, wood, rice husk, oil (optional according to customer requirements), hot air stove is optional.

Hourly precipitation rate(%/h): Paddy 0.5~1.2 %/h      Wheat 0.7~1.2 %/h

Safety Device:Hot air temperature sensor, grain temperature sensor, full alarm, thermal relay, air pressure switch.

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