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The rice polisher grinds the humidified rice with iron rolls to improve the color and quality of the rice.
Long roll type, increase effective polishing area and increase output; small roll diameter: low line speed, ensure polishing brightness, effectively reduce broken rice; multi-point water sprayer: fine and uniform water mist, improve polishing brightness; tangential feeding: The fine adjustment mechanism is flexible, reverse self-locking, uniform and stable feeding; intelligent: easy to operate, humanized and intelligent; new design: built-in motor, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
technical parameter

Model CFP130F CFP140F
Capacity(t/h) 3.5~4.5 4.5~5.5
Power(kw) 55 75
Air Volume(m3/h) 2800~3200 3600~4300
Resistance(Pa) 3000~3500 3000~3500
Dimension(mm) 2112x770x2236 2269x820x2258

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