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This Destoner is mainly used in rice mill, wheat flrou mill, oil mill for raw material destoning and classiferring.It separates the material and stones automatically by air pressure and vibrating screen.The material and stone moves to opposited-irection on the plate and separated effectively. The removed stones will not contain any grain.
The air volume can be adjusted easily and there is air pressure metter to monitor the aire pressure in the air suction chamber. There is also light which makes the material movement in side the machine clearly visible.
technical parameter

Model TQSX-120 TQSX-150 TQSX-180
Capacity(t/h) 7~10 10~12 12~18
Power(kw) 0.3x2 0.37x2 0.45x2
Dimension(mm) 1580x1496x1780 1796x1680x1830 2096x1780x1880

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