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TDXZ Vibro-discharger is applied in flour, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical powder material bin bottom discharging. Vibration motor as vibration source, the drive discharge hopper high frequency vibration, the center of the discharge hopper set up a conical discharge plate, prompting material slowly and evenly outflow from the outlet, preventing material arch in the hopper. It is a highly effective bin bottom discharging equipment.
This product has a sturdy structure and can be equipped with different style cone for different flowing materials such as flour, bran and wheat. It can also be made into all stainless steel products according to requirements to meet users' needs for food hygiene.
technical parameter

Model TDXZ100x50 TDXZ130x50 TDXZ160x50 TDXZ180x50 TDXZ200x50
Outlet Dia.(mm) 500 500 500 500 500
Power(kw) 0.37 2x0.37 2x0.37 2x0.37 2x0.37
Dimension(mm) 1000×540 1300x550 1600x710 1800x770 2000x1010

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