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The machine is one of the main equipment of flour mill. It separates the endosperm from wheat by cleaning and moisture adjustment, then endosperm grinding into flour.
The machine can be controlled independently or be controlled concentrated through a remote panel;The speedy and tardy grinding rolls are driven by triple-wheel toothed belts with advantages of no step losses, no deflection, stable running, and low noises;Supports are made from solid cast-iron, the upper and lower split structure is designed for the two side shelves of grinding mill. The damping washer is fitted in the joint.
technical parameter

Model MMR25x80 MMR25x100 MMR25x125
Roll Size(mm) 250x800 250x1000 250x1250
Speed Ratio 1.25:1,1.5:1,2:1,2.5:1 1.25:1,1.5:1,2:1,2.5:1 1.25:1,1.5:1,2:1,2.5:1
Fast Roll Speed(rpm) 450~650 450~650 450~650
Dimension(mm) 1630x1400x1895 1830x1400x1895 2080x1400x1895

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