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TZSY Dampener is good sealing and beautiful appearance. The mixing chamber of the machine carries out pressure on wheat, that is, the wheat under the action of extrusion, impact and vibration, destroys the surface water tension of the wheat, and makes sufficient water exchange between the particles to ensure the uniform distribution of water on the particles. Increase the permeability of water to achieve the purpose of no free water and shortening the time of dampening. In the processing of dampening, the machine make the wheat skin loose.If used together with wheat grinding & brushing machine it will greatly improve the wheat cleaning effect.
This three-lob dampener has good sealing and beautiful appearance. It can fully press the water into the wheat, improve the effect and shorten the dampening time.
technical parameter

Model TZSY-7.5 TZSY-11 TZSY-15
Capacity(t/h) 3~5 4~6 6~10
Power(kw) 7.5 11 15
Dimension(mm) 2289x660x1360 2289x660x1360 2289x660x1360

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