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FCPD degerminator can be not only clean-up dust and awn impurities of wheat surface by erasing wheat pericarp organization slightly, but also can remove bacteria and pesticide content of wheat surface effectively, it can play a positive role to reduce flour microbe index and ensure food safety. Meanwhile, it is a new and ideal wheat cleaning machine that application can be simplify the wheat dry cleaning process flow and conform cleaning environmental protection requirement.The machine is mainly applied to wheat cleaning section in grain industry.
This machine is a new generation of wheat skin cleaning equipment independently developed. Its novel design, unique functions, and multiple uses of one machine can effectively simplify wheat cleaning processes and reduce equipment costs.
technical parameter

Model FCPD-450
Capacity(t/h) 15~20
Power(kw) 18.5
Air Volume(m3/h) 1610~3488
Air Pressure(pa) 5697~5080
Blower power(kw) 5.5
Dimension(mm) 3107x810x2007

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