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TQSFa series gravity destoner adopts four rubber spring supports, and its main function is the same as TQSF gravity grading stone machine. It is a double-layer sieve surface with two functions of grading and stone removal.
This model is a mature product with high market acceptance, stable performance and easy maintenance. It can combined two body to meet the needs of large output.
technical parameter

Model TQSF80 TQSF100 TQSF125 TQSF150 TQSF180 TQSF200 TQSF250
Capacity(t/h) 7~9 9~11 11~16 12~18 14~22 16~26 22~32
Air Volume(m3/min) 6000 8000 10200 12000 14000 16000 20600
Power(kw) 0.25x2 0.25x2 0.25x2 0.25x2 0.37x2 0.37x2 0.37x2
Dimension(mm) 1450x1046x1800 1500x1246x1900 1500x1496x1920 1500x1746x1800 1500x2046x1800 1500x2246x1900 1500x2796x1920

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